New Sandbox!

A few of you may have noticed (or heard) that Superhero Robin has been busy at Hazelwood after hours. The children were delighted to find a large box outside – perfect for filling with sand! They anxiously awaited for the sand to be delivered. Together they waited on the outdoor blanket, watching the truck back the sand closer and closer towards the sandbox.

“What if it misses the box?” One child asked, concerned. However, the truck didn’t miss. In fact, after receiving two other deliveries not too long ago (one for garden dirt, the other for bark mulch) the dump truck seems quite at home at Hazelwood.

IMG_2220  IMG_1732


ps. Superhero Robin was also in to build and install a new bookshelf – hooray! Thank you Robin! Our books on the School-Age side now have a home 🙂