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Patricia Kuhling – Co-owner / Manager / Educator

Family, the outdoors and teaching “these are a few of my favourite things”.

I am married to Robin, who is my superhero. I have 2 sons, 3 stepdaughters and 8 beautiful grand children. Between work and family times, Robin and I enjoy hiking the high mountain peaks of British Columbia and Alberta, camping and fishing, kayaking, and traveling most anywhere. While working on cruise ships, Robin and I have had many grand world adventures. We feel very fortunate.

The early childhood community has been my career for almost 25 years with a focus on the development and support of new programs and quality child care spaces. Along with the rewards and joys the children bring to my life, my strong passion is in supporting families while creating inclusive and welcoming spaces.

My goal is to continue to help Hazelwood Early Learning Centre become a strong presence within both the school and greater community, fostering a strong sense of belonging for everyone.

Bryanne Newbery – Educator / Administrative Assistant

I have lived in Pitt Meadows for my entire life. I love the environment that I had the privilege to experience from a young age. IMG_6363I carry the same loves with me for the environment, still to this day, and I take in the beauty by documenting pictures of every destination I have been. It is my personal way of remembering a moment from the past, which made me feel at peace. I enjoy taking pictures of the scenery that I call “home” every day.

I spend most of my days cuddling Koda, my incredibly fluffy dog. She is as much a part of my family as my immediate family members. I love to take her on hikes and to the beach as she loves the outdoors as much as I do.W
hen not working, I travel as much as I can to take advantage of the world available to me, and to love the life I was given to the fullest.

My goal is to work alongside children to support them in healthy development. I love being able to learn from a child’s stories and experiences, things that they encounter on a daily basis. I apply all of my energy to ensuring a safe environment where children learn and thrive.


Alyssa Higgins – Educator

I have known my entire life that I wanted to work with children. It was something that I was passionate about when I was very young that carried on through my life. In 2009, I started on the path towards my career in Early Childhood Education; I obtained my Early Childhood Educator Certificate and Special Needs Certificate at the University of the Fraser Valley.

During my life, I ventured from Manitoba to British Columbia and settled in Port Coquitlam in 2013. I am very thankful I ended up in such a loving and warm community with such a high regard for the outdoors.Alyssa Higgins Bio Photo

Bryan, my partner, has been a huge support in my life. We have a beautiful daughter named Katheryn who brings a new outlook and joy to our lives. My family and I love to spend our weekends exploring nature, going on hikes, venturing to the parks, swimming and cooking. I am truly grateful that I can raise my daughter in an environment that has so many opportunities.

My passion has always been to guide and support all young children while providing them with quality care and enriching experiences based on their interests. Working with children, building strong relationships and learning alongside them has helped me grow as an educator.

I have worked with many children and families in my career and am honoured to be able to provide care for the families at Hazelwood Early Learning Centre.

Sali Chippett – Educator

I moved to Port Coquitlam in 2016 after living in North Vancouver for 25 years. I continued to commute to North Vancouver for a year until I found Hazelwood. I am passionate about outdoor programming and also Responsive Curriculum so Hazelwood and I are the perfect fit!FB_IMG_1506576249016

I was born in England where I received my Diploma in Early Childhood Education. After Emigrating to Vancouver at the age of 18, I fell in love with everything the City has to offer including skiing, hiking and water sports.

I have three children. When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, skiing and travelling with my family.

As an Early Childhood Educator I am proud to be a part of guiding children as they venture in to the world. I delight in joining them in their wonder and joy of learning.

I very much enjoy being with the children and the team at Hazelwood. I feel very fortunate to look forward to coming to work each day!

I have had the privilege of working with some inspiring Educators who have helped shape me into who I am today. Working with children always brings a smile to my face, they teach me things about their world everyday. I strive to create inviting natural spaces for children to explore. Creating purposeful, stimulating activities is something that keeps me inspired.

When I am not at work I enjoy cooking and baking, I love trying new recepies and serving friends and family. I also like bike riding and attempting to garden.

I am so thrilled to be apart of the Hazelwood Team and look forward to all the wonderful experiences ahead.

Kelly Martin – Behaviour Interventionist

My son, Colton and I moved to Coquitlam 4 years ago from Kelowna. I have always been a very adventurous outdoorsy person. I love to travel, hike, camp and am always ready to try new things. We have been trying a few of my son’s new interests such as fishing and kayaking these last few summers. I quite enjoy both.

My son has helped bring out my more creativeResized_20171009_140153_5660 side such as; imaginary play, crafts, art and photography. Mostly we stay true to the big beautiful outdoors.

I have always loved children and have wanted to play an important role in providing each and every child their best chance.

I am fairly new to this field, graduating last June 2017. I am excited and looking forward to this chapter in my life helping and guiding children to the best of my ability.

Every child is so unique and each learn in their own way. To be a part of some of their journeys fill me with gratitude.

I feel blessed to have such a positive position at Hazelwood. It is so easy to go to work each day when you love your environment, the people you work with and of course the children. I look forward to all the new adventures and experiences I will gain from working at Hazelwood.