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Putting Professional Development Into Practice

Following an inspiring forest workshop with Tricia Edgar at Fresh Air Learning, the school age educators implemented an art installation in our forest. From finding nature’s tools ( sticks and rocks) to digging up the dirt and adding to water,  to finally creating a work of mud art on cloth!

Winter in Port Coquitlam this year has been nothing short of fantastic for us at Hazelwood. Many of our younger children had not experienced snow before. We were inspired in so many ways; sledding, snow painting, snow angels, snowball fights, snow castles, forest play in the snow, putting up tarps.], finding massive icicles!

There was also no shortage of sensory exploration and awareness;

What does snow taste like? Is it okay to eat when it is brown or yellow, full of dirt and rocks and salt?  Along with “my hands are cold”, ” I don’t want to wear snow pants”, “my boots are wet”, ” I am too hot”.

The snow was sticky sometimes and powdery other times. Sometimes the flakes were big, other times teeny tiny.

We are so fortunate to be located in a natural setting that inspires our time outdoors.

Forest Exploration

Duck Pond

Grassy Field and Hills

Our Gardens