Garden Growth and Harvest

Hello again families,

We are now well into August and thanks to the hot weather, our garden has been getting plenty of sun. We have seen growth from our herbs and lettuce for a while now, but the past few weeks we have found many pumpkins and cucumbers begin to grow as well!


The children have enjoyed harvesting the produce from our garden. They have each worked diligently to create their own harvest bags during art time, and during outside play time there is often a line for turns with watering cans.

When the vegetables are ready, one or two children will work together to harvest them, and then help to distribute them for a group snack or with lunch.


As another special project, the children will be working alongside teachers and parents to track the growth of “their” pumpkin. This can include observations about the colour, the shape, while both measuring and charting the overall size.  Hands on early math and science. (More to come on this soon!)