Welcome & Garden Boxes

Hello families, and welcome to the Hazelwood Blog!
Here we will be creating short posts to reflect various projects or events that have been happening in our centre. You can check back here from time to time as our activities are always changing.


Garden Boxes

Over the last week or so we have been discussing and learning all about gardens. The children, during  group time, helped us map out our own garden boxes! You may have taken a peek already at the two large boxes outside of our classroom, or maybe your child has told you all about them. Robin (Patricia’s husband) graciously donated both his time and his skillset to create the garden boxes. And, after mapping out where we would plant our seeds – the children gathered on the grass to watch Steve deliver the soil that would help our plants grow! I’m sure a lot of parents remember our request to send your child to daycare with a shovel. Although it seems like an odd request, the children were eager to help to scoop up the dirt and fill the boxes. They worked diligently in the hot sun. From there, they used the map to guide them in planting the seeds and starter plants. Our radishes are already sprouting!

Thanks to Robin for creating the garden boxes, and to parents who donated plants! We are excited with how engaged the children are, and we look forward to nurturing the Hazelwood garden (and enjoying the harvest!)







IMG_1893 (1)



Social / Emotional Learning

The children felt a shared sense of accomplishment in creating the garden. Initially they felt concerned the big kids might bring harm to the garden. “take our stuff, step in”. Yet, at the same time, they were so happy to know the big kids finished filling the garden using the shovels the 3-5’s had brought to daycare.

Sense of community- the social climate in the yard is changing. Our garden boxes are bringing school-aged children and teachers to our space. They are curious, they are wondering what is happening and they are attracted to the space as it is inviting. Everyday siblings and their friends are commenting on how “cool” and ” beautiful” the garden is. Again today, Dominque, a boy we have never seen, came over and asked to help spread around the bark mulch. Through this interaction, I was able to learn more about him, the day he was having etc.

On day 1 an unknown parent knocked on our outside door and asked if he could donate some tomato plants. The children learned about the kindness of others.

One of Hazelwood’s goals is to promote a sense of community and belonging in the school and surrounding community. Our garden has proven to be a pivotal step!

What else is happening?

– turn taking of garden tools, waiting for a turn to plant

– releasing tension, stress or anxiety using hands in soil ( digging, planting, weeding, watering)

– exercise ( gross motor-digging, bending, lifting and carrying water jugs, balance )

– self esteem, ( pride and ownership )